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Vacant Home Insurance Now is a provider of insurance policies for vacant homes, buildings, and properties. We are the premiere source for vacant home insurance policies. Not all insurance companies want to insure vacant homes -- but we do. We are able to offer comprehensive and specialized vacant home insurance coverage for your unique needs.

Vacant Lot Insurance / Vacant land Insurance Policy:

Information About Vacant Lot Insurance and Vacant land Insurance And Why An Empty Property Needs To Be Insured

In recent years, insurance for vacant land (land with no structures on it), has been gaining popularity out of necessity. The insurance is mostly being adopted today by forestry companies that own thousands, or in some cases millions of acres when you consider the large timber companies like Weyerhaeuser and International Paper. However, in the litigious society of the United States, even a simple landowner with 20 acres should protect themselves with the proper liability and vacant land insurance policy.

In the last 10 years, there appears to be a real liability risk if someone comes onto your property and injures themselves on the land. Yes, the people on the land are there illegally and are technically trespassing, but there is case law that exists in most states that have favored plaintiffs with large damage awards, even when they were injured on the property of another at no apparent fault of the property owner.

In some cases, liability for the vacant property with no structures can be obtained by extending the liability policy of one's homeowner's insurance policy. Of course, this depends on the situation. One cannot extend liability coverage to 1,000,000 acres in North Dakota from a homeowner's policy in Pennsylvania.

Liability coverage from a vacant land insurance policy typically has no deductible and uses the expanded definition of bodily injury to include mental anguish and emotional distress. Premiums are typically very low because the chance of incidence is low.

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