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Who We Are:

Vacant Home Insurance Now is a provider of insurance policies for vacant homes, buildings, and properties. We are the premiere source for vacant home insurance policies. Not all insurance companies want to insure vacant homes -- but we do. We are able to offer comprehensive and specialized vacant home insurance coverage for your unique needs.

Vacant Home Insurance FAQ

  • When do I need a vacant home policy? When a residence (townhouse, single family home, condo, etc.) is expected to not be occupied for over 60 to 90 days. There are differences among insurance policies across the 50 States.
  • What do I do if I would like to purchase coverage? Simply contact us for a quote on a vacant home insurance policy. Someone will be in contact with you by email in under 48 hours and in most cases (if received on a business day), someone will be in touch with you the same day.
  • Does my existing homeowners insurer offer vacant home insurance? Probably not, but some will offer coverage. If they offer vacant homeowner's coverage, it most often is a dwelling policy that does not offer you the same coverage as when you or your family was living in the house.
  • What can I expect to pay for a vacant dwelling policy? The cost is typically around 3 times the cost of what you were paying when you or your family lived in the house.
  • What length of time can I purchase a policy for? In some cases and with some insurers, a single day of coverage can be purchased but there are minimum premium requirements. In other cases, 90 days of coverage needs to be purchased. If the house will be empty for several years, annual policies can be purchased.
  • Is my vacant homeowner's policy the same as my homeowners insurance coverage that I had before the house became unoccupied? No, in most cases coverage is not the same but there are differences among insurers and finding the right policy is very important. In some cases the coverage can be drastically reduced without the owner of the home being aware of this, especially if the existing insurance company offers vacant home coverage. It would be easy for the insured to think, without close examination, that they are getting the same coverage.
  • I called my existing agent and my insurance company will not continue to insure my home after it becomes empty, why not? "Regular" Property insurance companies do not like vacant home risks for the most part. Claims are higher than normal and they cannot control the risk. Even if you have been a long time client, they may not insure your home any longer once the situation changes.
  • The family is leaving the home for 6 months but we are having a friend live in the house while we are away, do we need a vacant home policy? No, but you cannot rely on your existing homeowners insurance policy to work in most situations. You will need to cancel your existing insurance policy and write what is called a landlord policy, also known as a landlord tenant policy. We can assist you if you are in this situation.
  • Does a vacant home policy protect me from flood? Not unless it's is specifically written into the policy as a separate item. It may or may not be available but most work just like regular homeowners insurance, that will always exclude flood unless added back in. If not available to add flood protection, the home owner would have to buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program managed by FIMA.
  • Does a vacant home policy protect me from earthquake? Again, not unless it's is specifically written into the policy as a separate item. It may or may not be available from the insurer depending on where you live. Most vacant home insurance policies are limited in what they cover (8 or 9 named peril and earthquake is almost never on the list of named perils offered). Earthquake insurance is available under some policies.
  • If my existing homeowners insurance company is willing to offer me vacant home coverage, should I take it? Perhaps, but check the terms. Most homeowner's insurance companies don't like a vacant home risk. Even if they will write a separate policy for the risk, it may be at a very high cost or for a very limited period of time. Also, the coverage they are willing to offer you may be drastically reduced from what you had and this is sometimes not clear to the policyholder.
  • What if a friend or relative has agreed to live in the home while we are away? In this case, you will not need a vacant dwelling policy but rather a landlord-tenant policy. However, in almost all cases you will not be able to keep the same insurance policy in place that you had when you and your family were living in the home.
  • I have a house outside of the United States that I need vacant homeowners insurance for, can you assist? Yes, we can assist in over 50 countries but acceptance is never guaranteed.
  • Do you have a pricing example? Typically, vacant home insurance is 2 to 4 times as expensive as a regular insurance package designed for a family living in the home (HO3 for example). All vacant home insurance is relatively expensive. We can assist in finding the best degree of coverage at the best possible premium.